Protect our company.

We value honesty, integrity and transparency.
 Violations of the rules and the law result in financial losses and endanger our reputation in public and with government agencies. Help us to uncover and correct violations and grievances.
 As an employee or business partner, you can report suspected criminal offenses or serious rule violations to us with a notification - stating your name or completely anonymously. You stay protected. Tracing back to you is not possible unless you provide any data that would allow conclusions to be drawn about your person. The following registration form guides you through the information.
After your report, a protected mailbox will be set up for you, through which we can remain anonymous in dialog with you. You will help us a lot if you activate this mailbox. We will contact you as soon as we have followed up on your advice.
Thanks for your support!
 Warning: This system must not be misused to deliberately give false or defamatory information.

How iWhistle protects you:

  • No identifying information was sent to the processor.
  • It is not technically possible to track the message back to you as the person providing the information.
  • iWhistle functions like a secure mailbox that is accessible from two sides.
  • Secure end-to-end encryption of all data including metadata.